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Detection process
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HD appearance inspection

The HD Visaul detection equipment is a 16-megapixel, 1/2.33-inch image imported Panasonic CMOS image sensor, with a field of view wider than 1/3-inch. It can also output HDMI 1080P 60-frame image (camera resolution 4608*3456).

Final functional test

Compare IC products with delayed output function signals and high and low level voltages. Measure the product DC characteristic curve and repetitive peak reverse voltage of MOSFET\Diode\TRANSISTOR\IGBT\TRIAC.

Open/Short Test

To test the lower diode connected to VSS, use the PMU to force a negative current of approximately -100µA. If the measurement is below -1.5V to detect an open circuit, set the PMU's lower test limit to fail.

Programming test

There are hundreds of different package test sockets and adapters to check a variety of devices, including market-renowned programming testers such as: XEL TEK 7500 6100 3000U, SMARTPRO 5000U.

X-ray and ROHS testing

X-RAY equipment can confirm suitability for wafer, wire bonding and die bonding. ROHS test can confirm environmental protection through the solder coating of product pins and photovoltaic devices.

Chemical analysis

Acetone, alcohol, nitric acid and sulfuric acid were used as chemical raw materials for analysis. We scrub the surface of the component with acetone in a certain direction for a fixed number of times to ensure that the component has not been reworked or reworked.

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