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FT2232 Development Board

A development board designed with FT2232 chip, which fully leads out the IO port, can be used to design an interface expansion board based on this.


Renesa Electronics collaborates with Meibei Sanmei to develop an angle sensor stepper motor control scheme

Ruisa Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading global semiconductor solution supplier, and Meibei Sanmei Co., Ltd., a leading global stepper motor supplier, have announced the joint development of stepper motor and motor control solutions based on rotary transformers (angle sensors), and have been optimized for machinery, office automation (OA) equipment, and medical/nursing equipment. The stepper motor and motor control solution based on rotary transformer sensors jointly developed by Ruisa Electronics and Meibei Sanmei can meet the needs of higher precision control, miniaturization, and stronger resistance to environmental impacts of motors.


It is reported that TSMC has collaborated with Broadcom, Nvidia, and others to develop silicon photonic technology

According to the news, TSMC has collaborated with major clients such as Broadcom and Nvidia to develop new products such as silicon photonic technology and co packaging optical components. The process technology has been extended from 45nm to 7nm, with large orders starting from the second half of next year at the earliest. It is expected to enter the stage of large-scale production by 2025.


Intel Announces a New OEM Agreement with Gaota Semiconductor

Recently, Intel Foundry Services (IFS) announced a new OEM agreement with Tower Semiconductor, an Israeli semiconductor foundry.


AI high-performance computing - integrated storage and computing

Integrated storage and computing or in memory computing is the complete integration of storage and computing, directly utilizing memory for data processing or computation. Under the traditional von Neumann architecture, data storage and computation are separated. Due to the increasing performance gap between storage and computation, the speed at which the processor accesses stored data is much lower than the processor's computation speed. The energy consumption of data transportation between memory and main memory is also much higher than the energy consumed by the processor's computation.


AI High Performance Computing - Google TPU

Since Google launched the first generation self-developed artificial intelligence chip Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) in 2016, it has been upgraded to the fourth generation TPU v4 after several years of development (as of the end of 2022). The TPU architecture design also achieves efficient computation of network layers such as deep learning convolutional layer and fully connected layer by efficiently parallelizing a large number of multiplication and accumulation operations.


AI High Performance Computing - Cambrian NPU

The Cambrian period was one of the earliest AI chip companies in China to study. The design of their AI chip NPU (Neural Network Processing Unit) originated from a series of early AI chip architecture studies, mainly including DianNao, DaDianNao, PuDianNao, ShiDianNao, Cambricon-X, and other research achievements.


AI High Performance Computing - AI Chip Design

The simplest and most direct design approach for AI chips is to directly map neurons to hardware chips, as shown in the figure. The Full Hardware Implementation scheme maps each neuron to a logical computing unit and each synapse to a data storage unit. This architecture design can achieve a high-performance and low-power AI chip, such as an Intel ETANN chip. In the full hardware implementation scheme, the output data of the previous layer is multiplied by the weight, and the results of the multiplication are then added up, and then output to the next layer for calculation through an activation function. This architecture design tightly couples computing and storage, allowing the chip to avoid large-scale data access while performing high-speed computing, improving overall computing performance while also reducing power consumption.


AI High Performance Computing - AI Computing Features

AI computing characteristicsDesigning and deploying a specialized chip requires balancing various in...


AI High Performance Computing - AI Specific Chip

Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) computing mainly refers to neural network algorithms represented by deep learning. Traditional CPUs and GPUs can be used to perform AI algorithm operations, but they are not designed and optimized for deep learning characteristics, so they cannot fully adapt to AI algorithm characteristics in terms of speed and performance. Generally speaking, AI chips refer to ASICs (specialized chips) specially designed for AI algorithm characteristics.


Artificial intelligence chips are exploding! Three major mainstream AI chips, leading companies are fully sorted out

AI chips are the core component of AI server computing power, and with the rapid growth of AI computing power, there will be a greater demand for AI chips. According to the survey data, it is expected that the market size of China's artificial intelligence chips will reach 85 billion yuan in 2022, 103.9 billion yuan in 2023, and 178 billion yuan in 2025.


Vishay Launches Industry Advanced Standard Rectifier and TVS Two in One Solution

The space saving device adopts a small FlatPAK 5 x 6 package, with built-in 3 A, 600 V standard rectifier and 200 W TRANSZORB ® TVS


Isolation power supply uses a boost controller MAX668 to generate three isolation voltages for the slice power supply

This application note shows a power supply that generates three isolation voltages for a slice. The isolation power supply uses a boost controller MAX668 with a flyback transformer for -24V and -72V outputs, and uses an optocoupler to isolate the feedback signal. The linear regulator MAX8867 provides a 3.3V output.


Automotive chip race track is hot, TSMC and Samsung actively layout

With the rapid growth of demand for electric vehicles and autonomous vehicle, the market demand for advanced high-performance semiconductor products is also surging. The growth of this demand has prompted the semiconductor industry to shift from traditional mature processes to more advanced processes, making the competition for advanced processes in automotive electronics more intense.


STMicroelectronics Announces Mass Production of PowerGaN Devices

STMicroelectronics announced that it has started mass production of enhanced mode PowerGaN HEMT (High-electron-mobility transistor) devices that can simplify the design of efficient power conversion systems. STPOWER ™ GaN transistors have improved the performance of wall power adapters, chargers, lighting systems, industrial power supplies, renewable energy generation, automotive electrification, and other applications.


Infineon Expands Production to Build the World's Largest 8-inch SiC Wafer Factory

Recently, power semiconductor giant Infineon announced plans to invest up to 5 billion euros in the next five years to build the world's largest 8-inch SiC power wafer factory in Malaysia.


Infineon High Voltage Superjunction MOSFET Series Products Add Industrial Grade and Vehicle Gauge Grade Devices

In static switching applications, power supply design focuses on minimizing conduction losses, optimizing thermal performance, achieving compact and lightweight system design, while achieving high quality at low cost. In order to meet the needs of new generation solutions, Infineon Technologies Technology Co., Ltd. is expanding its CoolMOS ™ The product lineup of S7 series high-voltage superjunction (SJ) MOSFETs. This series of devices are mainly applicable to applications such as switching power supply (SMPS), solar energy system, battery protection, Solid-state relay (SSR), motor starter and solid state circuit breaker, as well as Programmable logic controller (PLC), lighting control, high-voltage electronic fuse/electronic circuit breaker and (hybrid) electric vehicle on-board charger.


AMD plans to invest approximately $400 million in expanding the Indian market within five years

Recently, AMD announced that it will invest approximately $400 million in expanding in India over the next five years. This major decision will have a positive impact on the Indian Semiconductor industry, and it is also a strategic step for AMD to expand its global business.


ST STMicroelectronics Q2 revenue growth 12.7%, auto business growth for four consecutive quarters

STMicroelectronics held the financial statement explanation meeting for the second quarter of 2023. Data shows that STMicroelectronics's net income in the second quarter was 4.33 billion US dollars, up 12.7% year on year. Gross margin is 49%, operating profit margin is 26.5%, and net profit is $1 billion; In the first half of the year, the net income was US $8.57 billion, up 16.1% year on year, the Gross margin was 49.3%, and the net profit was US $2.05 billion. Jean Marc Chery, president of STMicroelectronics, said that the net income in the second quarter increased by 12.7% year on year, mainly due to the continuous strong growth of automobile and industrial businesses.


Meiguang Launches 8-Layer Stacked 24GB Capacity Second Generation HBM3 with 2.5x Improved Memory Performance

Recently, Micron Technology announced that it has begun to send samples of its first 8-high 24GB HBM3 Gen2 memory product, with bandwidth greater than 1.2TB/s and pin speed greater than 9.2Gb/s, which is 50% higher than the current HBM3 solution, and its performance per watt is 2.5 times higher than previous generations of products.


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