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The global flash memory market demand recovers in 2023, and the storage industry may usher in a turnaround

With the development of 5G networks and cloud computing, as well as the popularity of devices such as smartphones, laptops, and game consoles, the global flash memory market demand is expected to recover in 2023. On March 23, Cheng Weihua, Chief Operating Officer of Changjiang Storage, stated that it is expected that global flash memory demand will warm up and supply and demand will balance in 2023.


What is a field effect transistor? How many types are there?

Field Effect Transistor (FET) is an electronic component based on semiconductor materials, which controls the current by controlling the carrier density in the semiconductor. It has three electrodes: a drain, a source, and a gate. A conductive channel composed of semiconductors is formed between the drain and source electrodes. By controlling the electric field of the gate electrode, the number of electrons in the channel can be controlled, thereby controlling the current between the drain and source electrodes.


Talking about the working principle and three working states of transistors

Transistor is a semiconductor device, which is one of the foundations of modern electronic technology. It can be used to amplify electrical signals, switch circuits, and act as an oscillator. Transistors are made of semiconductor materials, usually silicon (Si) or germanium (Ge). The shape of a transistor is usually a small chip that can be installed on a circuit board. The following article will briefly introduce the working principle and three working states of transistors. Let's take a look together!


Reduced power consumption by 65%! Infineon Launches AirOC Integrated Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth Products

Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. recently launched a new AIROC ™ CYW43022 Ultra Low Power Dual Band Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth ® "Two in one product, further expanding its existing AIROC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth product portfolio.". The CYW43022 ultra-low power architecture has industry-leading performance, which can reduce power consumption during "deep sleep" by up to 65%, significantly extending the battery life of applications such as intelligent door locks, intelligent wearable devices, IP cameras, and thermostats.


Does temperature have a great influence on film capacitance? Common damage cause analysis

The film capacitor is made of metal foil as electrode, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other plastic films and other materials, and is wrapped with epoxy resin, with good flame retardance. With its good electrical performance and high reliability, film capacitors have become indispensable electronic components to promote the upgrading of the above industries. However, thin film capacitors can also fail for some reasons and cannot be used. If you are interested in thin film capacitors, please read on.


The yield of Samsung's third-generation 4nm chip will be significantly increased, or mass produced in the first half of this year

According to foreign media reports, Samsung will start mass production of the third generation of 4nm chips in the first half of 2023 in order to regain some lost customers. The report pointed out that Samsung Electronics 4nm had unstable yield at the beginning of its development. Now it has made progress in performance, power consumption and area compared with the original process.


Organization: The market output value of SiC power components is estimated to exceed US $2.2 billion in 2023

U.S. chipmaker Micron Technology will begin mass production of advanced DRAM memory chips at its Hir...


Basic parameters and precautions of patch resistor

Chip resistor is one of the metallic glass uranium resistors. It is a resistor made of metal powder and glass uranium powder mixed and printed on the substrate by screen printing. Resistance to humidity and high temperature, low temperature coefficient. To help you understand in depth, this paper will summarize the relevant knowledge of chip resistors. If you are interested in the content to be covered in this article, please read on.


Micron to produce 1-beta memory chips in Hiroshima, Japan

U.S. chipmaker Micron Technology will begin mass production of advanced DRAM memory chips at its Hir...


Models and main technical parameters of common temperature sensors

A temperature transducer is a sensor that senses temperature and converts it into a usable output si...


STBouskoura, Morocco plant opens new production line for electronic components

Global semiconductor leader ST (STMicroelectronics) opened a new electronic component production lin...


SIA: Tariffs on electronic transmission will hit global semiconductor industry hard

Recently, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) of the United States expressed its views on t...


Denso considers spinning off its chip business or increasing TSMC's chip production

According to media reports, under the strong demand for automotive chips, Denso Corporation of Japan...


What are the wiring methods of the capacitor bank? A few details to pay attention to

Star connection and delta connection are common connection methods for power compensation capacitors...


What does packaging material mean? Integrated circuit chip packaging process

Packaging materials refer to glass, ceramics, silicon, RTV, nickel, gold, aluminum, etc. used in the...


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