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What is a field effect transistor? How many types are there?

Field Effect Transistor (FET) is an electronic component based on semiconductor materials, which controls the current by controlling the carrier density in the semiconductor. It has three electrodes: a drain, a source, and a gate. A conductive channel composed of semiconductors is formed between the drain and source electrodes. By controlling the electric field of the gate electrode, the number of electrons in the channel can be controlled, thereby controlling the current between the drain and source electrodes.

Field effect transistors have the following characteristics:

High input resistance: Due to the large area PN junction between the gate and semiconductor of a FET, the gate resistance is very high, and the input resistance is also very high, usually between a few hundred M Ω and a few G Ω, which is much higher than a bipolar transistor.

Low noise: Due to the high input resistance, the noise of FETs is much lower than that of bipolar transistors, especially in the low and intermediate frequency regions, which can effectively reduce circuit noise.

High bandwidth: Due to the high input resistance and small capacitance of FETs, they can work better in high frequency regions and have higher bandwidth.

Low power consumption: FET's output current is very small, so its power consumption is also very low, suitable for low power applications.

Fast switching speed: FETs can achieve high switching speed due to their fast carrier movement.

High reliability: FETs have no moving parts, so they have a longer lifespan than bipolar transistors and are more resistant to high temperatures.


Field effect transistors are divided into two basic types:

N-channel field effect transistors (N-channel FETs) and P-channel field effect transistors (P-channel FETs). In N-channel FETs, the conductive channel is composed of N-type semiconductors, while in P-channel FETs, the conductive channel is composed of P-type semiconductors. There are some differences in the working principles and applications of the two types of FETs, but their basic principles are the same.

FET is a common semiconductor device, commonly used in amplification, switching, analog circuits, digital circuits, and other circuits. Compared to bipolar transistors, FETs have advantages such as low noise, high input impedance, high gain, and low power consumption. Therefore, FETs have better performance in certain application scenarios.

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